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Wedding Cake Questions and answers

We love being asked questions about cakes.  We get asked all sorts of questions and we have put together some of the most common ones here to help you.  Please get in touch if you would like any further information.

How much will my wedding cake cost me?

This is not always an easy question to answer as all of our cakes are bespoke and can vary dramatically in the design and the work involved.  The easiest way to answer this question is to offer you a quote.  The final costing will depend on all kinds of factors; the size of the cake, number of tiers, decorations, delivery and set up distance and time and also the amount of time we estimate it will take to design and create your cake for you.  If you would like a quote for your cake, please get in touch GET A QUOTE

Do I have to choose a cake from your portfolio or will you make a cake from a photograph that I provide?

We understand the importance of your wedding or celebration cake and as bespoke wedding cake designers we prefer to make and design a cake that is special for you.  You do not have to choose a cake directly from our portfolio but if you want to this is absolutely fine too.  You can also choose elements from different cakes to make your perfect centrepiece.  If you have seen a cake that another designer has made we prefer not to replicate it exactly, in fact different cake makers work differently so the cakes would not be identical.

How far in advance do I need to order my cake?

Our recommendation is that once you have found the designer that can offer everything that you want for your cake, then book with them as soon as possible.  We get booked up very quickly as not only do we have to consider the length of time that it takes to make your cake, we also have to make sure that we have the capacity to deliver it too!  If you choose a fruit tier we prefer to make this at least 3 months in advance to allow it to mature nicely.

When do I pay for my cake?

We ask for a small booking deposit of £30 to save the date in our diary.  The balance is then payable any time up to two weeks before your wedding date.  We also offer an interest free payment option - please get in touch for more details

How many people will my wedding cake serve?

You can see a handy portion guide by clicking HERE  It also depends on how you choose to serve your wedding cake.  Some couples serve their cake after the wedding breakfast so you would perhaps not need such a large portion.  Other couples serve their cake as a dessert. Portion sizes would be larger for this so the guide gives you two size options. 

Can I have different flavours in each tier?

Yes you most certainly can!  In fact most couples choose a different flavour for each tier. It's always nice to offer your guests a choice and it's good to have choices that are very different, such as white chocolate and raspberry and lemon, maybe.   Here's a link to our delicious cake menu for you CAKE MENU

If I choose a fruit tier does it need to be the bottom tier?

All of our cakes tiers are supported by an internal structure to ensure that your cake is supported safely.  So, no if you choose a fruit cake tier it can be incorporated anywhere

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

All of our cakes are vegetarian.  You will want everyone to be able to enjoy your cake on your special day so we cater for gluten free, vegan and dairy free.  You don’t need to have your whole cake made to cater for dietary requirements.  We can make just one tier to provide the dietary requirement.  Or how about individual cupcakes for those people with allergies? They will appreciate that you have thought about them.

Do you provide cake toppers?

Yes we do.  We can either hand make toppers using sugar paste or source other toppers like Names or figures.  We make bespoke bride and groom toppers and these can be personalised to match your outfits and features.

Can we see our wedding cake prior to our wedding day?

Absolutely, although most couples are now opting to keep their wedding cake as a surprise on the day!  We can arrange a viewing meeting or we can send you a photograph if you prefer.  Appointments to view need to be the day before your wedding as we make your cake as close to the day as possible to ensure that it is nice and fresh for you.

Will you delivery my cake for me?

We like to deliver and set up all of the wedding cakes that we make. We deliver on the day of your wedding and usually delivery within 10 miles of Ossett is included. 

We liaise with your wedding venue to ensure that all the stress is taken away from you. When we have delivered your wedding cake we will send a text message to advise that your cake is delivered safely. 

Deliveries further afield from this are charged at £1 per mile and we can give you an approximate cost if you email us with the address of your venue. Click her to GET A QUOTE   

If you have any further questions please get in touch using the Email us button above

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